Local Family’s Lives Saved Through Free Home Safety Service

Local Family’s Lives Saved Through Free Home Safety Service
March 24, 2022 esfs_webadmin

Local Family’s Lives Saved Through Free Home Safety Service


A local family supported through the project had been at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and a fatal accident due to an undetected gas leak.

Local Charity East Staffordshire Family Support Service, Harvey Girls and Dads4Dads recently launched their ‘Be Well, Be Energy Fit’ service. The service offers free support around family wellbeing, energy saving and home and money advice to families concerned about increasing fuel bills.

Partnering with local gas distribution network Cadent Gas, the ‘Be Well, Be Energy Fit’ service also offered essential safety measures such as free home safety checks and gas appliance servicing.

A local family, who had lived in their three-bedroom property for six years, were offered free support through the project.

Due to concerns around the cost of works, the family had not had their gas appliances serviced for a long period of time. The home was fitted with gas central heating, a gas cooker and two gas fires.

Upon arrival at the property, the Cadent Gas engineer immediately diagnosed a dangerous gas leak. Cadent’s gas engineer reported that the gas fire was not burning correctly.

Acting quickly, Cadent’s engineer arranged for a specially trained second engineer to attend the property. The gas leak was then traced, secured the rest of the property checked for safety.

The Cadent gas engineer explained that without intervention, the gas leak would have continued and presented a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to the family.

As well as the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, the gas leak could have led to fire or explosion, with potentially devastating consequences to neighbouring life and property.

After being made aware of the severity of the gas leak, the family learned about the dangers of carbon monoxide as part of their support from the Charity. The team quickly realised that the family were experiencing some of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, adding to the homeowner’s wider illnesses.

The homeowner said, “I was really scared initially. The engineer said they hadn’t seen a job like this in a long time. They saved our lives, and I am so grateful that we got this support.

Cadent Gas were really efficient and referred us to NEA (National Energy Action) who replaced our cooker for us. I would urge everyone to ensure that they get their gas appliances checked annually as this is so important.

I hate to think what might have happened to us without this support.

I have always lived with family until we bought this house and I never realised the importance of getting things checked.”

Cadent Gas projects officer Wayne Merry said:

Carbon monoxide is an incredibly dangerous gas that can be emitted by appliances that are not working correctly. Due to the human body being unable to smell, taste or see carbon monoxide, is vitally important that all households ensure that their gas appliances are serviced annually, and carbon monoxide alarms are installed at home.

The approach of taking a much more proactive response in dealing with emergency situations is a company first. Rather than waiting for the emergency call where someone could be in immediate danger, we are helping the most vulnerable before that situation arises.

This household’s story is stark reminder of the danger posed and the significance of projects like the ‘Be Well, Be Energy Fit’ service“.

The ‘Be Well, Be Energy Fit’ service being offered to families includes the provision of carbon monoxide alarms, a home safety check and signposting to organisations that may be able to offer specialist support, grants or help with gas appliance repairs and replacements.

Support is open to all local families, regardless of circumstances such as household income, living arrangements or employment status.

Families are welcome to enquire about the Be Well, Be Energy Fit service by calling 07841 485866 or going online to eaststaffordshirefamilysupport.co.uk

Referrals to ‘Be Well, Be Energy Fit’ can be made online through this link or by telephone – 07841 485866